Sketch-Based Rapid Prototyping Platform for Hardware-Software Integrated Interactive Products

CHI 2005, April 2-7, 2005, Portland, Oregon, USA – Poster presentation


Tek-Jin Nam


This paper presents a platform in which interaction designers can effectively and rapidly develop tangible interactive prototypes by sketching. The study aims to build a platform that plays the role of sketching in the hardware-software integrated interactive product design process. The platform consists of three components: a sketch based interactive concept exploration software application called STCtools, a set of physical user interface(PUI) widgets with a key converter and a video projection based Augmented Reality desk (ARdesk). For prototyping, a designer creates hardware and software sketches with pen based computers using STCtools. Sketches of hardware and software are drawn in a client device and composed in an electronic whiteboard, which is the server device. PUI widgets can be physically attached on a foam mockup or on a screen of the client device. The hardware-software integrated simulations are conducted on ARdesk. The sketch simulation is captured and projected onto a paper marker created with invisible infra-red ink.


Interactive Product Design, Prototyping, Sketch based design tool, Augmented Reality, Interaction Design, Conceptual Design

ACM Classification

H.5.2. [User Interfaces]: Prototyping, D.2.2 [Design Tools and Techniques]: Evolutionary prototyping, H.5.1 [Multimedia Information Systems]: Artificial, augmented, and virtual realities