EventHurdle: Supporting Designers’ Exploratory Interaction Prototyping with Gesture-Based Sensors

CHI 2013, April 27–May 2, 2013, Paris, France.


Ju-Whan Kim, Tek-Jin Nam


Prototyping of gestural interactions in the early phase of design is one of the most challenging tasks for designers without advanced programming skills. Relating users’ input from gesture-based sensor values requires a great deal of effort on the designer’s part and disturbs their reflective and creative thinking. To deal with this problem, we present EventHurdle, a visual gesture authoring tool to support designers’ explorative prototyping. It supports remote gestures from a camera, handheld gestures with physical sensors, and touch gestures by utilizing touch screens. EventHurdle allows designers to visually define and modify gestures through interaction workspace and graphical markup language with hurdles. Because the created gestures can be integrated into a prototype as programming code and automatically recognized, designers do not need to pay attention in sensor-related implementation. Two user studies and a recognition test are reported to discuss the acceptance and implications of explorative prototyping tools for designers.


Gesture-Based Interaction, Exploratory Prototyping, Visual Programming

ACM Classification

H.5.2. User Interfaces – Prototyping



Using EventHurdle

EventHurdle is a prototyping aid that provides an integrated gesture authoring environment with hurdle- based markup language. It automatically generates a set of gesture recognition programming code, allowing designers to quickly integrate and test gestures in prototypes.

EventHurdle is an extension software for Adobe Flash, which is one of the most popular platforms for design prototyping in education and practice. EventHurdle employs various sensors to support three different gesture types: remote gestures, handheld gestures, and touch gestures.


EventHurdle for Adobe Flash CS series

1. EventHurdle Extension Package

2. EventHurdle Class for ActionScript 3

  • Unzip this file and you will get com folder.
  • Open Flash > File > ActionScript Settings > Source Path panel > Browse to path > Select the com folder.
  • EventHurdle Libraries

3. EventHurdle Sensor Server