A Design Model and Tackles for Systematic Conceptual Design

International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education, Vol 41, Issue. 4, 341-353


Tek-Jin Nam, Peter, R. N. Childs, Minjung Sohn


Systematic design models are useful in the professional education of both designers and engineers; they also support complex multi-faceted design activities that involve a large number of individuals. This paper introduces a range of design models, but then focuses on the linked node model, which uses nodes to indicate the properties of an outcome and links to show the connections between the nodes. The model is based on the premise that good design serves to generate a harmoniously integrated outcome. The paper also explores a range of tools and ‘design tackles’ that can be used in a systematic approach to design. Finally, it introduces a design project aimed at creating better user experiences in Dongdaemun market in Seoul, Korea.


Systematic approach to conceptual design, the linked node design model, design concept description template, user experience design