Biosignal Sharing for Affective Connectedness

CHI 2014, April 26–May 1, 2014, Toronto, Canada – Work-In-Progress


Hyeryung Christine Min, Tek-Jin Nam


We explore how sharing biosignals can support affective connectedness from the design and user study of two wearable systems called WearBEAT and WearBREATH: WearBEAT is a body sound sharing device and WearBREATH is a breathing movement sharing device. Both systems translate biosignals into intimate and implicit information. A preliminary user study discusses about user experiences and compares both systems based on the design considerations. This work contributes to our understanding on experiences with biosignal sharing for affective communication and connectedness. The proposed design and the user study help to guide the design considerations for future wearable systems using biosignals.


Biosignal sharing; affective connectedness; wearable devices; physio-social telepresence; remote intimacy

ACM Classification

H.5.2. [Prototyping]: User Interfaces; H.5.3 [Synchronous Interaction]: Group and Organization Interfaces