Two papers won the Best Paper Award at HCI Korea 2016, held at Jeongsun on January 27-29th.

Han-Jong Kim, Seijin Cha, Richard Chulwoo Park, Tek-Jin Nam, Woohun Lee  and Geehyuk Lee presented “Mo-Bi: Contextual Mobile Interfaces through Bimanual Posture Sensing with Wrist-Worn Devices”. Their paper demonstrated a visionary mobile interface that adapts user’s hand posture with two wearable sensors.

Chang-Min Kim, Seongkook Heo, Kyeong Ah Jeong and Youn-Kyung Lim presented “Formula One: Mobile Device Supported Rapid In-the-Wild Design and Evaluation of Interactive Prototypes”. They introduced new user study methods for quick and easy Wizard-of-Oz prototyping in the actual in-the-wild situation.