Sonic-Badminton: Audio-Augmented Badminton Game for Blind People

CHI 2016, May 7-12, 2016, San Jose, CA, USA – Late-Breaking Work


Shin Kim, Kun-Pyo Lee, Tek-Jin Nam


How to enhance the quality of life for the blind, in particular through sports or entertainment? HCI researchers have investigated physical games, but there is a lack of methods to improve blind people’s social interaction and self-esteem through the physical exercise. To address this issue, we present Sonic-Badminton, an audio-augmented badminton game. It uses a virtual shuttlecock implied by audio feedback. We conducted a preliminary user study with the blind and sighted participants to examine the game is enjoyable to both type of participants. The results indicated that both can enjoy the game and play in a similar level. The use of real badminton racket and simple stereo sound to guide virtual shuttlecock help them enjoying the game. Based on the result, we discuss implications for further audio-based augmented badminton and other ball-based sports for the blind.


Assistive Technology; audio-augmentation; blinds; game; badminton

ACM Classification

H.5.2. [Information interfaces and presentation]: Training, help, and documentation