IoTIZER: A Versatile Mechanical Hijacking Device for Creating Internet of Old Things

DIS 2021, June 28 – July 2, 2021, Virtual Event, USA – Paper presentation


Hyungjun Cho, Han-Jong Kim, JiYeon Lee, Chang-Min Kim, Jinseong Bae, Tek-Jin Nam


Mechanical hijacking of physical interfaces is a cost-eff method for providing an Internet of Things (IoT) experience. However, existing mechanical hijacking devices (MHD) have limited applicability and usability. This pictorial introduces a research through design project on IoTIZER, which is easy to use and versatile MHD. We report on a design process from identifying a design space, conducting an iterative design and prototyping. We present the final design’s hardware, software, usage scenario and implementation details. We also share lessons from a user study with eight households. The potential value of IoTIZER were appreciated as a versatile MHD. We discuss improvement areas of IoTIZER and implications for creating an IoT environment while preserving the existing conventions.


Internet of Things (IoT); Internet of Old Things
(IooT); Mechanical Hijacking; Product Augmentation;
Technology Probes; Research through Design.