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C:I-DR Lab. ( Design Research Laboratory) is a design research laboratory in the department of industrial design, KAIST. For the future of design and design of the future, this lab is conducting design research and practice in the area of Co-design and Interaction.

Recent Updates

  1. BreathingFrame
  2. Oosung Son
  3. Yeonsu Yu
  4. Changmin Kim
  5. Wrigglo
  6. Hyeryung Christine Min
  7. CheekTouch


11 Nov. 2014 : Prof. Saul Greenberg

Prof. Saul Greenberg from the University of Calgary visited the lab and advised research projects led by master and PhD students.

8 Oct. 2014 : People's choice award in UIST 2014 Student Innovation Contest

Sejin Cha, Hanjong Kim (Master students in CIDR lab), and Sunjun Kim (doctoral student in HCI lab) won the 1st place People's Choice award in the UIST 2014 Student Innovation Contest. They built a smart mop which help people at home clean in a enjoyable way by hunting virtual creatures.

7 July. 2014 : Journal article on Int. J. of Affective Engineering

A paper titled, "Understanding the relation between emotion and physical movements", is accepted for publication in International Journal of Affective Engineering. The paper authored by Prof. Nam, Jong-Hoon Lee, Sunhoung Park, and Prof. Hyeon-Jung Suk, will appear on vol. 13 No. 3 of the journal. It reports on experiments with physical movement generation device on people's emotional response.

30 June. 2014 : C:I at Ubicomp 2014

A full paper titled, "CAMY: Applying a Pet Dog Analogy to Everyday Ubicomp Products", is to be presented by Yae-Kyung Row and Tek-Jin Nam at the 2014 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2014) in Seattle, Washington, US.

22 June. 2014 : DIS2014 Vancouver

A full paper titled, Let’s Giggle! : Design Principles for Humorous Products, was presented by Yeonsu Yut at the ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) in 2014. The theme of the conference was "Crafting Design" and PICTORIALS was introduced as a new format to support the praactice-oriented nature of design.

15 April. 2014 : C:I at CHI2014 Toronto

One technical paper presentation (Wrigglo project), Two interactivity exhibitions (Muzlog and Wrigglo projects), one video showcase (Wrigglo project) and one poster (WearBreath project) were presented at CHI2014 Toronto. Prof. Nam participated in CHI2014 video showcase category, CHI2014 student design competition as a jury member. Prof. Nam also work as a design subcommittee chair for CHI2015 Seoul.

20 March. 2014 : Humorous design paper at DIS 2014

Yeonsu Yu's paper about design principles for humorous products will be presented as a full paper in ACM conference on DIS(Designing Interactive Systems) 2014 to be held in June 21 - 25, Vancouver, Canada.

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