Tek-Jin Nam

Tek-Jin Nam is a professor and the head of Industrial Design department at KAIST. He received a B.S. and a M.S. in Industrial Design from KAIST, and a PhD in Design Technology from Brunel University. He leads Design Research Laboratory at KAIST. He is the deputy editor-in-chief of Archives of Design Research journal, a vice president of Korea Society of Design Science and an executive board member of IASDR(International Association of Societies of Design Research). His main teaching subjects include interaction prototyping, interactive product design, system design and design research issues. His research interests lie at design oriented human computer interaction, focusing on creating people centric values of future products and services and systematic approached to creative design and innovation. He is also interested in integrating design research and practice.

e-mail: tjnam at

Ph.D Candidates


Chang-Min Kim

Research Interests:  Interaction Design, Augmented Workspace

e-mail: peterkim12 at

Yunwoo Jeong

Research Interests: Novel user experience with hardware in the room-scale environment

e-mail: nnitgd at

Hyungjun Cho

Research Interests: Social Application of AI, Intelligent Robot, Interaction Design

e-mail: lolo660 at

Ph.D Students

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Jiyeon Lee

Research Interests: Bringing Awareness, Experience Translation

e-mail: ji.lee at

M.S. Students

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Seoyeon Jang

Research Interests: Human-AI interaction, Explainable AI, Data Visualization

e-mail: seoyeonj at

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Bonhee Ku

Research Interests:

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Taewan Kim

Research Interests:

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