17 Oct. 2016: Demo at UIST

CIDR demonstrated M.Sketch - linkage-based mechanism design software - at UIST 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Members of M.Sketch projects introduced how to use the software and showed several examples that were built by it.


02 May. 2016: Tutorial of m.Sketch in UNIST

CIDR conducted a tutorial of EDISON m.Sketch for graduate students of industrial design in UNIST (in class of Engineering Technologies for Designers). In tutorial, students followed an exercise of using m.Sketch and building Jansen mechanism.


12 Feb. 2016: Introduced in Magazine ‘KAIST Vision’

A promotional magazine of KAIST - KAIST Vision - published an interview on design philosophy and story of CIDR. They illustrated us as 'designing the delight of future life'.


29 Jan. 2016: Won the Best Paper Awards in HCI Korea 2016

Two papers won the Best Paper Award at HCI Korea 2016, held at Jeongsun on January 27-29th. Han-Jong Kim, Seijin Cha, Richard Chulwoo Park, Tek-Jin Nam, Woohun Lee  and Geehyuk Lee presented “Mo-Bi: Contextual Mobile Interfaces through Bimanual Posture Sensing with Wrist-Worn Devices”. Their paper demonstrated a visionary mobile interface that adapts user’s hand posture with two wearable sensors. Chang-Min Kim, Seongkook Heo, Kyeong Ah Jeong and Youn-Kyung Lim presented “Formula One: Mobile Device Supported Rapid In-the-Wild Design and Evaluation of Interactive Prototypes”. They introduced new user study methods for quick and easy Wizard-of-Oz prototyping in the actual in-the-wild situation.


24 Jan. 2016: m.Sketch was released on EDISON_Design

A mechansim software, named "m.Sketch" was released on EDISON_Design portal. It will be used for building interactive robots with Jansen mechanism, which is the theme of EDISON Challenge.


11 May. 2015 : Wins the Best Paper Award in ACM CHI 2015

Patina Engraver received the Best Paper Award in the ACM CHI 2015 which was held from April 18 to 23, 2015. The team consisted of two KAIST students: Moon-Hwan Lee, a Ph.D. candidate, and Sejin Cha, a master's student. The team was the first in Asia to receive the award.


23 April. 2015 : C:I at CHI2015 at Seoul

Three technical paper presentation (Patina Engraver, Bendi, and G-raff), one work-in-progress poster (miniStudio), and two video showcase(Bendi and G-raff) were presented at CHI2015 Seoul, Korea.


17 Feb. 2015 : New CIDR Website

New CIDR website is constructed with recent information, and it supports responsive web for providing better readability in mobile browsers. Information of previous news and projects will be migrated soon.


11 Nov. 2014 : Prof. Saul Greenberg

Prof. Saul Greenberg from the University of Calgary visited the lab and advised research projects led by master and PhD students.


8 Oct. 2014 : People’s choice award in UIST 2014 Student Innovation Contest

Sejin Cha, Hanjong Kim (Master students in CIDR lab), and Sunjun Kim (doctoral student in HCI lab) won the 1st place People's Choice award in the UIST 2014 Student Innovation Contest. They built a smart mop which help people at home clean in a enjoyable way by hunting virtual creatures.