18 Nov. 2017: KSDS Research Paper Grand Award

Korea Society of Design Science conference was held at Daegu Gyeongbuk Design Center at 18th, November. Yea-kyung Row's paper at KAIST CIDR lab received a grand award for "Understanding Lifelike Characteristics in Interactive Product Design".

Jun. 2017: DIS 2017 Honorable Mention Award

Jiwon Nam's research project "Transpoint: Real-Time Remote Lecturing via Adaptive Transparency" received an honorable mention award at DIS 2017, Edinburgh, UK.  The research project presented a lightweight remote lecturing system that combines lecture slides and lecturer scenes via adaptive transparency.

03 Jun. 2017 : Hyoungjun Cho Won Grand Prize in 2017 Spring DSUS

Hyoungjun cho, an undergraduate who conducted a research in CIDR lab last winter semester, won grand prize for “AR game system to help expand opportunities for social exchange” in 2017 Spring DSUS.

Apr. 2017: DIS Paper and Demo Accepted

Two members of CIDR lab at ID KAIST, Oosung Son and Jiwon Nam got their research works accepted at DIS with the advisory of professor Tek-Jin Nam. Master candidate Jiwon Nam got his note paper, ‘TransPoint: Real-Time Remote Lecturing via Adaptive Transparency’, accepted, and Ph.D candidate Oosung Son got his demo presentation, ‘The Effect of Handwriting and Physical Medium on Emotional Experience in Text Communication’ accepted. They will be presenting their works at ACM DIS 2017 at Edinburgh during 10th June to 14th June.

April. 2017: Prof. Yeonsoo Yoo’s Research Presentation at IJDesign

Professor Yeonsoo’s research, ‘Products with a sense of humor: Case study of humorous products with Giggle Popper’, was accepted for publication in the International Journal of Design as design case study.

Mar. 2017: Prof. Lee Moonhwan Started His New Career

A recent graduate of CIDR lab at ID KAIST, Moonhwan lee started his new career as a professor at Korea Polytechnic University. He received Ph.D degree previously and now intends to lead young and promising students to grow and flourish at Industrial Design field.

24 Mar. 2017: EDISON Competition Held with Utilization of M.Sketch

EDISON competition with M.Sketch software was held on 24th March. The main challenge of the competition in design field is to design line-tracing instrument with Jansen Mechanism utilizing EDISON software programs including M.Sketch. 19 teams participated for designing instruments and implementing the mechanisms.

Feb. 2017: Seyeong Kim Joined CIDR Lab as a New Member

Seyeong Kim who majored in Art and Tecnology at Sogang University has joined CIDR lab as a new master candidate student. Her research interests are in areas where design and technology converge into.

Feb. 2017: Prof. Tek-Jin Nam is Now the Head of ID KAIST

Professor Tek-Jin Nam, the advisor of CIDR lab at ID KAIST has been named as the head of ID KAIST, replacing his former teacher and predecessor Professor Gun-pyo Lee. He announced he would make the department “like a playground for learning for the students, and spaces for the faculty and department members to maintain both joy and alertness for creativity.” He further asked for “the collocation of all members of ID KAIST because there aren’t much [he] could change all by himself.”

Feb. 2017: CIDR Lab Graduation

Ph.D candidates Juhwan Kim, and Moonhwan Lee received their Ph.D degrees as CIDR members of Industrial Design Department of KAIST at 2017. Juhwan Kim pursued research mainly focusing on motion and gesture utilization for design and HCI, and Moonhwan Lee pursued research mainly focusing on patina and data visualization as design components. Kim Shin received her Masters Degree as well, with research focus mainly on audio augmented badminton design.