Jan. 2017: HCI Korea Best Paper Award

HCI Korea conference was held at High-one resort at Gang-Won-Do from 8th of February to 10th of February. The leading theme of the conference was IoT as it is the trend of IT field. Yunwoo Jeong’s paper at KAIST CIDR lab received a best paper award for “Mechanism Board: Tangible Mechanism Design Tool for Testing Movement of Linkage”

Jan. 2017: Prof. Nam accepted as senior board member of IASDR 2017

IASDR stands for The International Association of Societies of Design Research which was formally established on November 1, 2005. The Association is an international, non-governmental, non-profit-making, charitable organization. The Association is comprised of member societies of design research from around the world. The purpose of the Association is to promote research or study into or about the activity of design in all its many fields of application, through encouraging collaboration on an international level between independent societies of design research. The Association will promote, amongst other activities, the organization of biennial International Congresses of Design Research, at appropriate venues around the world. Professor Tek-Jin Nam is now the senior board member of IASDR, contributing his insights and experiences for the association.

29 Nov. 2016: Minister of the Department of Science Award for KAIST’s mobile software platform research center

At 2016, 29th, of November, the KAIST mobile platform research center received the Minister of the Department of Science Award at 2016 SW sector R&D achievements seminar. Such achievement shows that KAIST was successful at envisioning and pursuing the potentials of mobile software platforms and conducting researches of the field.

17 Oct. 2016: Demo at UIST

CIDR demonstrated M.Sketch - linkage-based mechanism design software - at UIST 2016 in Tokyo, Japan. Members of M.Sketch projects introduced how to use the software and showed several examples that were built by it.

01-02 Sep. 2016: Prof. Nam’s Open-KAIST at ChongQing

Open-KAIST @ ChongQing was held from 1st to 2nd of September, opening the campus to general population and nearby citizens to promote KAIST’s image of friendliness to outer members of the campus and to allow prospective students to observe and experience the inner parts of KAIST’s learning and researching environments. The event was initiated since 2001 and it is held every 2 years. Professor Tek-Jin Nam, as one of the professors of Industrial Design department, participated to the event to show how current design courses and researches are being conducted and to allow prospective students to experience the atmosphere of design spaces.

02 May. 2016: Tutorial of M.Sketch in UNIST

CIDR conducted a tutorial of EDISON m.Sketch for graduate students of industrial design in UNIST (in class of Engineering Technologies for Designers). In tutorial, students followed an exercise of using m.Sketch and building Jansen mechanism.

12 Feb. 2016: Introduced in Magazine ‘KAIST Vision’

A promotional magazine of KAIST - KAIST Vision - published an interview on design philosophy and story of CIDR. They illustrated us as 'designing the delight of future life'.

29 Jan. 2016: Won the Best Paper Awards in HCI Korea 2016

Two papers won the Best Paper Award at HCI Korea 2016, held at Jeongsun on January 27-29th. Han-Jong Kim, Seijin Cha, Richard Chulwoo Park, Tek-Jin Nam, Woohun Lee  and Geehyuk Lee presented “Mo-Bi: Contextual Mobile Interfaces through Bimanual Posture Sensing with Wrist-Worn Devices”. Their paper demonstrated a visionary mobile interface that adapts user’s hand posture with two wearable sensors. Chang-Min Kim, Seongkook Heo, Kyeong Ah Jeong and Youn-Kyung Lim presented “Formula One: Mobile Device Supported Rapid In-the-Wild Design and Evaluation of Interactive Prototypes”. They introduced new user study methods for quick and easy Wizard-of-Oz prototyping in the actual in-the-wild situation.

24 Jan. 2016: m.Sketch was released on EDISON_Design

A mechansim software, named "m.Sketch" was released on EDISON_Design portal. It will be used for building interactive robots with Jansen mechanism, which is the theme of EDISON Challenge.

11 May. 2015 : Wins the Best Paper Award in ACM CHI 2015

Patina Engraver received the Best Paper Award in the ACM CHI 2015 which was held from April 18 to 23, 2015. The team consisted of two KAIST students: Moon-Hwan Lee, a Ph.D. candidate, and Sejin Cha, a master's student. The team was the first in Asia to receive the award.