12 Feb. 2014 : Silver Prize from the 20th HumanTech Paper Awards

Joohee Park and Young-Woo Park received a Silver Prize from “The 20th HumanTech Paper Award” hosted by Samsung Electronics and sponsored by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. The paper is Wrigglo: Shape-Changing Peripheral for Emotional Mobile Communication. It is the first time that a paper from the design field awarded the Silver Prize for 20 years.

31 Jan. 2014 : Journal articles on IJIDeM

Two journal papers were published in 2014 January issue of International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing. (CompositeGesture: Creating Custom Gesture Interfaces with Multiple Mobile or Wearable Devices, Product-Personification method for generating interaction ideas)

30 November. 2013 : UX for Mobile Software Platform

Prof. Nam, researchers of CIDR, and Dr. Sanjeong Lee from the computer science department of KAIST published a book titled as UX for Mobile Software Platform (ISBN: 978-89-89453-62-8). The book introduces systematic approaches to consider UX design issues for mobile software platform, and new concepts enriching people's experience with mobile devices.

10 November. 2013 : Journal article on IJMEE

A journal paper by Prof. Nam, Peter R. N. Childs (Professor in Imperial College, London) and Minjung Sohn, titled as "A design model and tackles for systematic conceptual design", was published in volume 41, number 4 of the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education.

10 June. 2013 : Professor Daniel Fallman

Professor Daniel Fallman visited CIDR to discuss shared research interests.

10 June. 2013 : Book publication: Designing Social City Experiences. 

A book titled Designing Social City Experiences and edited by Prof. Nam and Ashley Hall of RCA, London was published in English and Korean. The book introduces the design methods and concepts of the GoGlobal 2012: Seoul Social City Software project, which was directed by Prof. Nam and Ashley Hall and carried out by 80 RCA and ID KAIST students and staffs in collaboration with Seoul Design Foundation and British Council. ISBN 978-89-968697-3-3

29. April. 2013 : Five CIDR presentations at CHI2013, Paris

Paper: Fragmentation and Transition: Understanding Perceptions of Virtual Possessions among Young Adults in Spain, South Korea and the United States W. Odom (Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA), J. Zimmerman, J. Forlizzi, A. López Higuera, M. Marchitto, J. Cañas, Y. Lim, T. Nam, D. Kim, M. Lee, Y. Lee, Y. Row, J. Seok, B. Sohn, H. Moore Paper: The Roles of Touch during Phone Conversations: Long-Distance Couples’ Use of POKE in Their Homes Y. Park (KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), KR), K. Baek, T. Nam Paper: EventHurdle: Supporting Designers’ Exploratory Interaction Prototyping with Gesture-Based Sensors J. Kim (KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), KR), T. Nam Video Showcase: Xtempo: Music Polaroid for Printing Real-Time Acoustic Guitar Performance H. Kim (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, KR), M. Lee, B. Goo, T. Nam Video Showcase: POKE: A New Way of Sharing Emotional Touches during Phone Conversations Y. Park (KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), KR), T. Nam

22 Mar. 2013 : Prof. Nam’s blog at ACM interactions magazine

ACM interactions is one of the most popular magazines among interaction design researchers and practitioners. Prof. Nam is writing blogs for the magazine. The March blog was titled as Enlightenment by lesson, rather than by lecture.

17 Mar. 2013 : Prof. Nam’s lecture about HCI, Interaction Design, UI and UX

Prof. Nam was invited by sGen Global, a startup business competition. Prof. Nam gave a lecture on HCI. The lecture focused on how to create successfull business through the human centered design philosophy. The definitions of HCI, interaction design, UI and UX were introduced as well as practice methods and tools to be useful for practitioners.

27. Feb. 2013 : Hanjong Kim won the Grand Prix award for the KAIST URP

Hanjong Kim, a new master student joining CIDR, won the Gran Prix award for the Undergraduate Research Participation Program of KAIST. He designed an instant musical note printing system called XTempo for acoustic gutar players. The work is also accepted for the ACM CHI2013 video showcase program.