1 December. 2011 : Tek-Jin Nam’s UNIST Talk

Prof. Tek-Jin Nam was invited by the school of design and human engineering, UNIST to give a talk about education and research activities of CIDR. The focus of the talk was on the integration of design with technology.

2 November. 2011 : IASDR’11 Conference at TUDelft

Young-Woo Park presented his research on finding "Role of Touch for Enriching Remote Interpersonal Interaction" at IASDR'11 conference, held at Netherlands, TUDelft.

17 October. 2011 : Young-Woo Park’s Work at UIST’11

He presented a poster, "Poke: Emotional Touch Delivery through an Inflatable Surface over Interpersonal Mobile Communications" at UIST 2011, Santa barbara, California.

8 October. 2011 : KSDS’11 Conference

Minjeong Shon presented her research on sustainable interaction design at KSDS(Korean Society of Design Science 2011, held at Sangmyung University, Cheonan.

6 October. 2011 : Professor James Landay and Ms. Miran Lee from Microsoft

Professor James Landay and Ms. Miran Lee visited our lab to share research interests. Professor Landay is a professor at University of Washington. He is one of the most active researchers in the HCI field and co-authored "The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Wining Web Sites". Ms. Miran Lee is a cenior university relations manager at Microsoft Research Asia.

1 September. 2011 : Prof. Nam teaches Interaction Design and Design Research Issues in the fall semester, 2011

Prof. Nam teaches two courses at ID KAIST, in the fall semester, 2011. Interaction Design is a class for 3rd year undergraduate design students. It deals with core skills for designing interactive products. One of the main parts is building interactive physical computing devices with Arduino. Design Reserarch Issues covers the nature of design, design research and design knowledge. Recent design reseach trends will be reviewed. Students will have a chance to think about what could be the best design research for designer-researcher of IDKAIST.

31 May. 2011 : KSDS Journal Paper on the relationship between automation and emotional experience

Munhwan Lee and Tek-Jin nam's paper titled ""Effect of Levels of Automation and Emotional Experience in Intelligent Products - Experimental Study of Intelligent Pot"" published in Journal of Korean Society of Design Science, Volume 24, No. 2. The paper investigated how different levels of automation affect emotional experience through interactive product development and an experiment.

25 May. 2011 : Prof. Nam gave a lecture at Ohio State University

Prof. Nam gave a lecture about Interaction Design at KAIST. He introduced tools, method and examples from interaction design and media interaction design course at KAIST. He met faculty member at the department of Design, OSU, including Prof. Noel Mayo, Prof. Scott Shim and Prof. Liz Sanders.

20 May. 2011 : Moon-Hwan Lee received the Fujitsu Design Award

MoonHwan Lee, a master student, received a Judge’s Special Award, awarded by Nobuo Otani, Corporate Vice President, Fujitsu Limited, at the ‘FUJITSU Design Award 2011: A LIFE with Future Computing,’ a competition aimed at the development of PC-related designs that bring innovation to everyday life. He suggested a futuristic device named 'The total recall agent' with Shohei Nakamura and YoungWook Jung as a team.

1 May. 2011 : Design by Tangible Stories paper published in Internation Journal of Design Vol 5(1)

A design case study paper titled "Design by Tangible Stories: Enriching Interactive Everyday Products with Ludic Value" is published in international journal of design (Vol 5(1) 2011, SSCI, A&HCI, SCIE indexed). The paper reports the results on one of our researches on ways adding values and meaning to everyday interactive proudcts and systems.